Prevention is better than cure


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Located in the Historic District of Newtown, Bucks County, Lotus Health and Wellness Center has assembled a tremendous staff who focus on helping you create a healthier lifestyle for your body, mind and spirit. We have designed a complete wellness center and offer Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Life Coaching, Chiropractic Treatment, Health Coaching and Herbal Therapy. We have developed a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you will be supported and nurtured without judgement. Visiting Lotus Health and Wellness Center will empower you to make the changes needed to establish a healthier and improved life.

Our staff members are all active in educating themselves in new and advanced ways to enrich your life in mind, body and spirit. That is why we do not focus our attention on large gym equipment and binge dieting for losing weight or toning your body. Our systems are designed so when you are home it is simple and easy to continue until you come again. We work with power bands, heavy balls and exercise balls which quite frankly are what we all need to obtain an excellent work out. Our nutritional programs are individually designed and realistic to fit your lifestyle. We create small changes that can be introduced to establish better habits. What we want you to learn is this is not a quick fix or immediate gratification, this is a lifestyle change that will last.

Balance is the key with the Lotus Health and Wellness Center. Treating only one aspect of your life will without question show results but they tend to be short lived and end with disappointment. There is a close connection between how we feel mentally and physically and when one falls short of your expectation, the other soon follows. If we feel good about ourselves physically the mental side is also confident and vice versa. It is all cyclical and that is why we focus on helping you become a healthy balanced person.

We live in a society that is continuously growing towards organic and natural foods, cleaning products and even our pet products. So with that being such a focal point it is still common place to seek mass produced medications to fix our problems. How many times do you see a commercial for prescription drugs and the last 10 seconds are telling you about the potential side affects? We are confident our Herbal Therapy, Health and Life Coaching systems can help decrease the need for these drugs. We want to work closely with you in order to help alleviate things you may be dealing with mentally or physcially. We will help design a very specific plan that may include only one aspect of our services and might also include them all. It will start with fixing what is wrong, balancing your life and then adjusting to your new lifestyle.

We as humans naturally love the sense of touch. Holding hands with a loved one, hugging an old friend or even having your hair washed at the salon. The sense of touch is the first and most important sense we as humans experience. We can live without sight, smell and taste but imagine living without the sense of touch! Imagine the danger we would all be in if we couldn’t feel heat or cold. With massage, acupuncture and even chiropractic care the sense of touch is the focal point. It is believed that we are wired in such a way that a simple caress can convey joy and happiness to the brain. When the brain is happy the body is happy. Now the relation between touch and our everyday lives is more than most people connect. When we have happy, sad or angry times they are "feel"ings.” When someone does something nice for someone we say we are "touched". Note they are all emotional experiences that are referred too in physical ways, via touch.