Eyelash Extensions by Sharon Wilkens are applied with the highest quality silk lashes available.  The extension will create volume to your eyes and will give the illusion of having mascara on even when you do not.  The lashes will remain on between 4-8 weeks depending on the natural cycle of lash rejuvenation.  A touch up/refill appointment is always scheduled within 4 weeks after the application for any that have fallen out or minor maintenance.  It is strongly suggested you keep a regular maintenence schedule with your lashes occurring roughly every 3-4 weeks.   






All fees include consultation and a full set of lashes.











Eyelash Full Set  $ 210.00
Lash Fills $ 3.00 per lash Or $60.00 per month

* Same day cancellations or no shows are subject to $25 fee and if using a coupon or voucher are subject to forfeiture



Q)  What type of daily maintenence do I need to do in order to extend the life of each set?

A) Try to avoid all oily make up or removers.  Avoiding rubbing and pulling of your lashes will also help extend their lives


Q) Does the application process hurt?

A) Not at all however you may sometimes have watering of the eyes do to the adhesive


Q) Once finished can you feel them?

A) No not at all.  They will seem like they have always been there


Q) Can I wear Make Up?

A) Absolutely what we strongly suggest however is that you not use make up with an oily base and this applies to any removers as well.  Many people chose not to wear make up because the expension alone can be a great substitute but you can.


Q) How long does the application take?

A) It can vary based on the individual needs of every client but an average full set takes 50-70 minutes


Q) What are the lashes you use made of?

A) We use silk lashes