LeGrand Classique - $90/75 minutes

An aromatic compress,  2 warm mists with 5 essential oils*, Vegetable exfoliation, Peeling, Elimination of blackheads, Relaxing massage for face, neck and neckline, a mask for the eye contours, a purifying mask with aromatic compress for face and neck and a fresh aromatic awakening

One of the most elaborate, complete facials.  Leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion.  Customized and recommended at any age, it centers on Yon-Ka’s exclusive deep cleansing regimen: in 5 successive steps carried out with the utmost care in the oxygenating atmosphere of the 5 Quintessence essential oils, the pure glow of the epidermis is revealed, one step at a time.

RESULTS: Purified skin, a toned complexion and optimum relaxation.  Le Grand Classique is a cornerstone facial to indulge in once a month to keep skin healthy and in top condition.


Optimizer - $110/ 75 minutes

An aromatic compress, A hydrating vegetable exfoliation with brushes, A warm misting with 5 essential oils*, An aromatic stimulation, Peeling, Firming anti-wrinkle treatment, Relaxing massage for face, neck and neckline, The mask lifts the face and neck, A fresh aromatic awakening

Lifting and restructuring, this anti-aging treatment acts like a “personal trainer” for the skin. By stimulating the skin’s natural regeneration processes, it optimizes firmness, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and intensifies glow. Rich in redensifyiing thickening hibiscus and lupine peptides and highly hydrating marine collagen and hyaluronic acid, it reinforces the structure of the epidermis and uses co-enzyme Q10 to protect the skin cells from free-radical attacks.

Results : a visibly younger skin that is firmer and smoother, redefined facial contours. Enjoy one facial as maintenance or follow a course of 4 sessions.


Vital Defense $95/ 75 minutes

An aromatic compress, Cleansing make-up removal followed by a clay mask, 2 mists with 5 essential oils, 2 vegetable scrubs, Peeling, Relaxing shaping for face, neck and neck-line, Oxygenating cream/clay mask for face and neck, A mask for the eye contours, The bases for treating the face and eyelids, Energizing: olfactory stimulation, stretching...

The shield against damage to protect the beauty of youth that is advised for all skins lacking vitality, for those with uneven complexions, smokers and city-dwellers who are permanently engulfed in pollution.

Results : your skin can breathe freshness! Advised for young skins (25-35 years) to fight aging caused by external aggression and all skins that are dull and need more vitality.


Vital-Elastine - $110/75 minutes

An aromatic compress, Make-up removal-cleansing, 2 warm mists with 5 essential oils, Vegetable exfoliation, Deep exfoliation with AHA/BHA, Anti-wrinkle treatment, Treating massage, relaxing contours eyes, lips, face, neck and neckline, A reshaping mask, regenerating Stimulastine Elixir, The treating base, A fresh aromatic awakening

The expert anti-age treatment. Specific anti-wrinkle technical actions. Action targeting wrinkles, a radiant complexion, hydration and nutrition. Efficiency enhanced by the complementary agents of the new professional mask compress.

Results : The skin is smoothed: 91% - The skin is radiant: 100% - The skin is visibly younger: 82% (*Clinical tests - Self evaluation - 11 women between 46 and 60 years old.) Can be enjoyed on its own or as a part of a course of 4 treatments. For all skin types that have soft or deep wrinkles.


Advanced Formula with Supplamine  $60/ 60 minutes

A gentle and soothing anti-wrinkle/anti-creping treatment formulated specifically for hard to treat areas of the neck, chest and upper arms but gentle enough for the face.  Advanced has a higher of the active ingredient Supplamine and is enriched with shea butter and green tea extract.  Excellent for crepy, dry, irregular, spotted and lined or wrinkled skin.


Nicole Imbrenda joined our Center after spending the past 4+ years  working at one of Newtown's most successful and longest running skin studios - "Le Masque".   When given the opportunity to continue working in the Newtown area with the people she had become so familiar with and to continue using the great products of Yon-Ka, Jan Marini and Meg-21, she jumped at the chance.  Nicole is looking forward to this new chapter in her life.  With over a decade of experience, Nicole plans on sharing her skills with all of our clients.  In addition, her skin care knowledge of theYon-Ka and Jan Marini facials is a tremendous asset to Lotus.   




Lip              $15
Chin              $10
Cheeks              $10
Eyebrows              $15

* Same day cancellations or no shows are subject to $25 fee and if using a coupon or voucher are subject to forfeiture